!!Honorary Membership of Academia Europaea
The Board may, subject to scrutiny and approval, elect individuals to Honorary Membership of the Academia Europaea.
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To be considered for election to this category of membership: the candidate should be a
person who, by means other than through his own individual scholarship has made a
significant contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the Academia Europaea.
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Although Honorary members are not entitled to hold any office in the Academia or to be
members of the Council, such members have all the other privileges of Ordinary Members.
!Honorary Members:

*[Olivier Appert|User/Appert_Olivier] (Earth and Cosmic Sciences)\\

*[Irina G. Bokova|User/Bokova_Irina] (Social Sciences)\\

*[Dan A Brändström|User/Brändström_Dan] (Political Sciences)\\

*[Gro H. Brundtland|User/Brundtland_Gro] (Behaviour Sciences)\\

* [Philippe Busquin|Acad_Main/Busquin] Former Commissioner for Research at the European Commission. MEP. (Physics)\\

*[Rafał Dutkiewicz|User/Dutkiewicz_Rafal] Mayor of Wrocław, Poland \\

*[Francesco Fedi|User/Fedi_Francesco] (Physics and Engineering Sciences)\\

*[Anne Lesley Glover|User/Glover_Lesley_Anne] (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)\\

*[Marcal Grilo|Acad_Main/Grilo] Chair of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon\\

*[Seamus Heaney|User/Heaney_Seamus] (Literature) – Nobel Laureate (past member)\\

*[Wilhelm Krull|User/Krull_Wilhelm] (Social Sciences) Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation in Hanover \\

*[Frank H. T. Rhodes|User/Rhodes_Frank] (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)\\ 

*[Klaus Tschira|User/Tschira_Klaus] (Informatics)(past member) \\