!! 2014 Annual Business Meeting of Members


__NOTICE__ is hereby given of the 2014 Annual Business Meeting of Members of the Academia Europaea, __open to all elected members of the Academia Europaea__.
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The meeting will last 1.5 hours and will be followed by the official opening ceremonies for the annual conference.
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__Chair:__ The President – Professor dr.Lars Walloe\\
__Venue:__  the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Carrer del Carme, 47 (IEC Building)  08001 Barcelona, Spain). \\
__Location maplink:__ [http://barcelona.acadeuro.org/contact-us]\\
__Date and Time:__ Wednesday 16 July, 14:30\\
__Attention:__ Any member wishing to table a motion for debate or to ask a specific question to the Board of Trustees, should contact the Executive Secretary ([execsec@acadeuro.org|mailto:execsec@acadeuro.org]) in writing __before 17:00 (GMT) on 30 June, 2014__.
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!!Draft Agenda

*[Draft Agenda|AGM 2014 DOC 1 Agenda (27 June version).pdf] (June 27, 2014) (Document 1)
*[Annual Report and Accounts|Accounts  2013 (FIN) signed.pdf]
*[Annual Activities Report (2013)|Annrep 2013 activities report(signed and final).pdf]
*[Consolidated document containing the agenda and all the relevant papers for the meeting|AGM 2014 DOC (final consolidated version 27 June).pdf] (June 27, 2014)

*__To adopt the minutes of the AGM of 2013 (Wroclaw)__ (download the [file|Annual meeting 2013 Wroclaw (Draft).pdf])
*To receive the annual activity report (2013)  
*To receive the audited accounts of the Academia Europaea (2013) 
*To appoint auditors for 2014
*To approve the level of individual financial contribution by members for 2015
*To receive the report of the President, the Treasurer and other officers.
*To receive reports of the AE Knowledge Hubs


!Resolution from the Board

__That the AGM do elect a President, for the period 2014 – 2017.__
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__Board Motion:__ The Board of the Academia Europaea  (Regulations Section 13 (2)) having undertaken a search, in accordance with regulations, propose: that the members  present and voting at the AGM hereby elect Sierd Cloetingh to the position of  President of the Board of Trustees of  the Academia Europaea Ltd.  The term of office to commence at the close of the AGM of 16 September 2014, in Barcelona.
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*[Brief curriculum vitae of Sierd Cloetingh|Sierd_Cloetingh_brief_cv.pdf]
*[Nominations dossier and candidate statement|2014_Presidential_candidate_dossier - Sierd_Cloetingh.pdf] for Prof.dr S. Cloetingh
*[Supporting statement|Statement_on_Sierd_Cloetingh(by nominators).pdf] from Professors Anne Buttimer (Chair, Social Sciences Section and Vice president) and Moshe Yaniv (Chair of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Section)
*Candidate webpage: [http://www.uu.nl/staff/SAPLCloetingh]
*[Call document for nominations|Election_of_a_President(2014).pdf] (May 2013)
*[Brief report of the election process|Brief_report_of_the_nominations_process_for_the_2014_Presidential election.pdf]
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*Draft of the [Minutes|Annual meeting 2013 Wroclaw (Draft).pdf](pdf) of the annual meeting of the Academia Europaea held at University of Wroclaw, Poland on 16 September 2013
*Draft of the [Minutes|Annual meeting 2013 Wroclaw (Draft).doc] (MSWord) of the annual meeting of the Academia Europaea held at University of Wroclaw, Poland on 16 September 2013