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!Open call for proposals  from __Academia Europeae__ and __Young Academy of Europe__ members only, for new initiatives for 2022/2023.

Proposals for small grants (of up to 5,000 Euros) should be submitted as described.
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The purpose is to provide seed money for any type of new initiatives that will result in the advancement of scholarship and knowledge.
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__Note:__ proposals may be scrutinised by an appropriate Section Committee before a decision is made.

!Objective of the fund

The purpose of the __[Hubert Curien|Member/Curien_Hubert] Initiatives Fund__, named in honour of the second President of the Academia Europaea, [Professor Hubert Curien|Member/Curien_Hubert]. [1|1], is to enable members and Sections to undertake projects and activities that benefit the academic community and increase the visibility, presence and impact of the Academia Europaea. The awards are limit to a maximum of 5K Euros per proposal and therefore the expectation is that the funding will be used to lever additional external support or link AE activity into larger projects and initiatives. Meetings of Section Committees are not per se, eligible for funding. The emphasis will be on activity that enhances inter and cross disciplinary dialogue and networking across boundaries. Meetings of 'in-country' member groups may be eligible.
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__The following conditions apply to the award of grants:__

#That there is no restriction of scope or type of initiative proposed (workshops, regional meetings of Members; participation in international events (as speakers or for dedicated AE sessions), __except that funds cannot be used only to support routine meetings of Section committees__.

#That proposers should consider where necessary seeking co-operation of one of the Hub offices (although the actual events do not have to physically take place at a Hub location),

#That any initiative ''should'' preferably involve __at least__ two Sections or members drawn from across more than one section (including where possible YAE members) and should be held in collaboration with other organisations, including seeking other financial partners, or linked into large international events.

#That proposals should be submitted to the Executive Secretary. If necessary, proposals will be scrutinised by an appropriate Section committee[s] and submitted for a decision with confirmation of their support.

#That awards must be reported and publicised in AE newsletters and on the AE web and in the case of events, that the AE logo and weblinks are included into any official documentation. Co-sponsored events should have links from the AE Hub, YAE and AE Corporate websites as necessary.

#Proposals from the YAE will be accepted and are encouraged.

#There will be a maximum AE contribution of 5K Euros, per initiative.

!Application process

Proposer(s) may submit a brief (maximum two pages) proposal (freeform text) at any time, describing the project or activity in enough detail to allow a simple “review”. A lead proposer (who must be a member of the AE or YAE) must be identified. He/she will be designated as the grantholder for the purposes of accountability and reporting. Decisions will be taken (by the Board of the AE) (please allow at least three months before any event and based on a simple assessment of relevance and benefit and allocated on a first come first served basis.
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__Proposals can be submitted by email to the Executive Secretary at any time.__
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[1|#1] Professor Hubert Curien MAE  [[1924-2005], see: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubert_Curien]
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