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From 2013 until present, the Academia Europaea-Barcelona Knowledge Hub (AE-BKH) has celebrated during the first days of March its annual Women’s Week, in commemoration of the UN International Women’s Day, celebrated world-wide each 8th of March. The programme of the 2020 AE-BKH Women’s Week (WW2020) has the general title of “Women and cooperation: A symbiotic perspective”.
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On March 4, 5 and 12, 2020 the AE-BKH will celebrate its annual Women’s Week with three different activities in different locations of Barcelona. ([More information|WW2020-Whole-Programme-19.02.pdf])

!March 4.  “The mathematics of music”. 

A lecture by Pilar Bayer. At the Institute for Catalan Studies, Prat de la Riba Hall. (c/Carme, 47). From 18.30 h – 20.30 h. ([More information|AE-BKH-WW2020-March4th.jpg])
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The mathematic principles underlying music, including those historically used to explain sound as well the role of new technologies in music, will be addressed in this lecture by renowned mathematician, musician and composer Pilar Bayer. The session will focus on the most relevant mathematic techniques used in the digital treatment of music, in its creation, reproduction and storage.

!March 5. Session on “__Fifty years of the book Origin of Eukaryotic Cells, by Lynn Margulis__”. 

Round table with [Montserrat Vallmitjana|Montserrat-Vallmitjana-02.pdf], [Begoña Vendrell|Begoña-Vendrell-02.pdf], [Mercè Berlanga|Mercè-Berlanga-02.pdf] and [Carme Puche|Carme-Puche-02.pdf]. Presented by [Mercè Piqueras|Mercè-Piqueras-02.pdf] and chaired by [Carmen Chica|Carmen-Chica-02.pdf].  At the Ramon Turró Room of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia (c/Carme 47). From 18.30 h – 20.30 h. ([More information|AE-BKH-WW2020-March5th.jpg])
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“__Origin of Eukaryotic Cells__”, published by Yale University Press in 1970, was the book in which the young biologist Lynn Margulis (Chicago, IL, March 5, 1938 – Amherst, MA, November 22, 2011) first proposed her theory of the symbiotic nature of the ultrastructure of the eukaryotic cell. The book, containing interesting ideas that are clearly argued with an extensive biological background and ample supporting evidence in different organisms, represents the basis of our present knowledge of cellular evolution and of the origin of the organisms presently known as protists. The panel will offer a fascinating retrospective look at the serial endosymbiosis theory and the book’s reasoning of the lineages of eukaryotic organisms at a time when DNA sequencing was just starting and when techniques commonly used nowadays, such as restriction enzymes or PCR, were unknown.

!March 12. “__City Unfinished”, a social cooperative initiative exploring Memory and Identity in the Self-Built City__.  

Screening of the documentary “''City Unfinished –Voices of El Ermitaño''” (Lima, 2018), directed by Katrhin Golda-Pongratz. Talks by Zaida Muxi and Kathrin Golda-Pongratz. Moderator Bettina Bremme. At the Goethe-Institut Barcelona (c/Roger de Flor 224). From 19.00 h – 20.30 h. 
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A screening of “''City Unfinished – Voices of El Ermitaño''“ (Lima, 2018) will take place in the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut Barcelona, followed by a debate on the main topics of the documentary film: public space, community building, housing, memory and identity. The debate, featuring journalist and author Bettina Bremme (Goethe-Institut), architect and urban planner Zaida Muxi (ETSAB-UPC) and urban researcher and film director Kathrin Golda-Pongratz (UIC School of Architecture, AE-BKH), will invite the audience to participate with the goal of exchanging ideas about the role of public space and housing in the construction of identity in different cultures, including our own.([More information|AE-BKH-WW2020-March12th.jpg])