!!Eduardo Marçal Grilo

Born in 1942, is Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanic Engineering – I. S. T. - Technical
University of Lisbon (1973). Chairman of the Standing Conference on University
Problems of the Council of Europe in 1983 and 1984, Chairman of the National Council
for Education in Portugal (1992 – 1995), Chairman of the Academic Corporation
Association (1993-1995), Minister of Education between 1995 and 1999, Member of
the Board of Magna Charta Observatory (2000-2004).\\

Member of the Board of the
Gulbenkian Foundation since October 2000 and Vice Chairman of the Partex Oil and
Gas (Holdings) Corporation since 1 July 2006.\\

He is also member of the International Council for Higher Education Accreditation in
U.S. since 2001, member of the Board of the United Nations University since 2004, and
Chairman of the Erasmus Mundus Selection Board since 2006.\\

He has published several papers on engineering, education and aid to development and
is author and co-author of books on Higher Education and Development and Human

He is an [Honorary Member of Academia Europaea|Acad_Main/Members/Honorary_Members].\\