!!How to access the nomination page of your section

*To access a nomination, you  have to login first. Log in at [http://www.ae-info.org] (top right corner). If you have forgotten your password, click on the ''Get password'' button next to the ''Login'' button. Follow the procedure described (you can find your user name on your personal page).\\

*Click on the link: [http://www.ae-info.org/ae/Acad_Main/Forums/Nominations|Acad_Main/Forums/Nominations]. If you haven’t logged in already, you’ll be asked to do so now. Log in and click on the name of your section.
!Printing a dossier (nomination file):
Once you have opened a dossier, click at the button "Show printer-friendly version" (top left corner) first to get a good print-out.
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