!!Member payments
This facility is __only to be used by members of the Academia Europaea__ for the payment of the __annual member fee__ and for any other __voluntary donations__ for the current financial year 1 January to 31 December 2019 and for members who are elected in 2019.
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If you are a visitor but want to support the Academia  Europaea by making a donation, please go to          [donations|Acad_Main/Payments/donations].
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__PROBLEMS? CLICK [HERE|Acad_Main/Payments/Membership_payments/Error message] FOR POSSIBLE HELP.__
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!FOR 2019 the recommended FEE STRUCTURE is:

*Members up to and including 65 years of age: __132 GBP [[150 Euro]__

*Members 66 - 75 years of age: __80 GBP [[92 Euro]__

*Foreign members: __80 GBP [[92 Euro]__

*Members over 75: Voluntary donations are welcomed but they are optional

*Establishment Fee for new members elected in 2019 is __132 GBP [[150 Euros]__ Note: the establishment fee also covers the period of 2020. So new (2019) members will be asked to pay again from 2021.


If your personal circumstances mean that you cannot pay at the recommended age-related level please pay at whichever level is possible. If you cannot pay at any level, please try to make some contribution, or ask for an exemption by contacting the Executive Secretary, [David Coates|mailto:Execsec@acadeuro.org].
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*The online payment facility (use the Donate button above) is hosted by our bank - The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). This is a specialist Bank. It is also, itself, a UK registered charity. 

*The Bank provides us with support to process your membership payment and also any general donations. 

*The payment form is hosted on the Banks own secure server not our server and is therefore completely safe. The Bank will send you an email receipt when your payment has been correctly submitted. It will be sent to the email address entered when making the transaction.

*The payment will appear on your credit or debit card statement as ‘Donate via CAF Internet’. But please be assured, the payment will reach us. 

*__NOTE: If you are a UK based member and pay tax in the UK, then please "Gift Aid" your payment. __
To proceed with a payment please click on the __Donate__ button at the top of this page. 
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*We prefer online payment; it is secure and provides you with an instant receipt.

*But if necessary you can also pay by bank transfer. Ask the [office|mailto:admin@acadeuro.org] for the bank details. 

*Why not opt to pay a single payment that covers your AE membership for life? You will then never again be asked to pay an annual contribution. \\Download the [payment information|Lifetime payment information (2019).pdf] (2019)
*__NOTE: If you are a UK based member and pay tax in the UK, then please "Gift Aid" your payment.__
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