!!Role of universities in the future

Below, you will find articles by members of Academia Europaea initiated by a seminal paper by Professor Michael J Kelly FRS FREng MAE, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge on the role of universities in the future.\\
*[Universities of the future: further differentiation of academic performance classes|Acad_Main/Publications/Newsletter_Archive/Role of universities/Bergstra] by Jan Bergstra
*[Universities for the future|Acad_Main/Publications/Newsletter_Archive/Role of universities/Nivat] by Maurice Nivat, Paris
*[The Multiversity – a supra-organisational and global scientific network co-constituting the knowledge society|Acad_Main/Publications/Newsletter_Archive/Role of universities/Koch], Günter Koch
*[Universities as the saviours of mankind over the next four decades|Acad_Main/Publications/Newsletter_Archive/Role of universities/Kelly], M. J. Kelly