!! New Frontiers in Informatics (NEFI) Workshop 2013.

There will be no workshop this year. Instead, we have Moshe Vardi as Informatics keynoter, 4 invited talks, and a number of short presentations.
\\ \\
On Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013 (the day after the Gala-Dinner) there will be an informal get-together in a restaurant to be announced. Here is a list of members who have already confirmed that they will come (in alphabetical order):\\

[Apt,  Krzysztof|User/Apt_Krzysztof] (The Netherlands)\\
[Bart,Jacobs|User/Jacobs_Bart] The Netherlands\\
[Bergstra, Jan|User/Bergstra_Jan] (The Netherlands)\\
[Blikle, Anrzej|User/Blikle_Andrzej] (Poland)\\
[Brassard, Gilles|User/Brassard_Gilles] (Canada)\\
[Domingo-Ferrer, Josep|User/Domingo-Ferrer_Josep] (Spain)\\
[Fellner, Dieter|User/Fellner_Dieter] (Germany)\\
[Imrich, Wilfried|User/Imrich_Wilfried] (Austria)\\
[Maurer, Hermann|User/Maurer_Hermann] (Austria)\\
[Olderog, Ernst-RĂ¼diger|User/Olderog_Ernst-RĂ¼diger] (Germany)\\
[Reisig, Wolfgang|User/Reisig_Wolfgang] (Germany)\\
[Tarlecki, Andrzej|User/Tarlecki_Andrzej] (Poland)\\
[Tiuryn, Jerzy|User/Tiuryn_Jerzy] (Poland)\\
[Vardi, Moshe|User/Vardi_Moshe]\\
[Wotawa, Franz|User/Wotawa_Franz] (Austria)\\