27th October, 2022
09:00am (Spanish time) – 11:00am#

Draft agenda #


The AGM will also be available virtually by zoom at this link:

ID de reunión: 880 7323 7746
Código de acceso: 226312

From 1 October, ALL DOCUMENTS will be found below.

A series of membership wide ballots on the motions below will be held online from 25th September – 5th October.

(NOTE: an agenda and documents pack will be available at the door of the meeting room for any physical attendees). PLEASE ALSO SIGN THE ATTENDANCE REGISTER AT THE DOOR.

In the chair: The President – Professor. Dr. Marja Makarow (Helsinki)

1. Welcome, adoption of the 2022 draft agenda (members present) [Document 1]#

2. To adopt the minutes of the AGM held on 21 October, 2021 [Document 2]#

Transaction of Ordinary Business

3. Reports (covering the past 12 months and going forward): QUESTIONS ARE INVITED#

  • 3.1 President – Marja Makarow. 2021 Trustees (Activity) report, highlights and future plans for 2022 onwards

Report of the online ballot of members, to the Motion: “That the AGM adopt the 2021 Trustees report”.

  • 3.2 Finance – Professor Oskar Mencer (retiring Treasurer) a summary report has been tabled in advance and the 2021 accounts made available online.

Report on the outcome of the online ballot of members, to the motion: “That members adopt the 2021 accounts“.

  • 3.2.1 Outcome of the e-ballot of members on the Motion: “That members agree to re-appoint the Examiners: Messrs Keith Vaudrey and Co. Ltd, London“.
  • 3.2.2 Annual members’ financial contribution for 2023

Outcome of the e-ballot of members to the Motion: “The Members are asked to approve the trustees recommendation, for an annual, [voluntary] contribution based on an age –related scale, and effective from January 1st 2023. As follows:

Ordinary members
Members up to and including 65 years of age: 150 Euro
Members 66 - 75 years of age: 95 Euro
Foreign members: 95 Euro
Members over 75: Voluntary donations are welcomed but they are optional

"The Members (present) are asked to approve an establishment fee for all new (2023) members of 150 Euros, irrespective of age at the time of their acceptance of membership.”

4. Board of trustees elections and approvals #

  • 4.1 The following trustees leave the Board at the end of the 2022AGM: Oskar Mencer Hon. Treasurer
  • 4.2 ELECTION of Officers and Trustees
    • 4.2.1 Election of Vice President(s), Members present are invited to vote for or against the election of a Vice President [Document 4.2.1]
    • 4.2.2 Election of an Honorary Treasurer. confirmation ballot by those present. [Document 4.2.2]
    • 4.2.3 Confirmation of the terms for co-opted trustees (vote by those present) [Document 4.2.3]

Other Business (as time allows)

5. Report on the AE engagement in the now ended SAPEA (horizon2020) project and new SAPEA Plus – Professor Petersen Academic Director – Cardiff Knowledge Hub#

6. Barcelona (Prof. Guerrero - Hub Director). Bergen (Ms Kristen Baaken - Hub Manager). Cardiff (Prof. Petersen Hub Director). Tbilisi (Ms Sofia Kobakhidze – Hub Manager), Wroclaw Hub ( Ms Kasia Majkowska – Hub Manager)#

7. Report by the Editor-in-Chief of the European Review – Professor Alban Kellerbauer#

8. Plans for 2023#

  • Call for nominations for election to membership – open 1 October 2022 - 31 January 2023
  • 2023 Annual conference – Munich - Hosted by the Munich Knowledge Hub [Professor Don. Dingwell - Hub Academic Director]
  • Other plans?

Questions from the membership.

Closing remarks (Professor Makarow).


Regional Knowledge Hub websites:#

Budapest: Acad_Main/Budapest_Knowledge_Hub
Wroclaw: under construction
Corporate website:


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