Recent publications by members of Class A1 - Humanities and Arts#

Kin, People or Nation? On European Political Identities#

A new publication by Victor Neumann, member of the History and Archaeology section. The book shows how the variety of connotations associated with the ideas of 'nation' and 'people' have been circumscribed in south-eastern Europe.

Year of publication: 2021.

Cross-cultural pragmatics#

New publication by Dániel Z. Kádár, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China, and Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungary and a member of the Classics and oriental studies section of Academia Europaea and Juliane House, Universität Hamburg.

The book provides a cutting-edge introduction to cross-cultural pragmatics, a field encompassing the study of language use across linguacultures.

Year of publication: 2021.

Transcending the Postmodern

Transcending the Postmodern
The Singular Response of Literature to the Transmodern Paradigm#

Edited by Susana Onega and Jean-Michel Ganteau, members of the Literary and theatrical studies section of Academia Europea.

Year of publication: 2021.

The Temptation of Homo Europaeus. An Intellectual History of Central and Southeastern Europe#

A new edition of the book by Victor Neumann
Scala Publishers

Prof. Victor Neumann, a member of the History and Archaeology section, is a Romanian historian, political analyst, and professor at the West University in Timișoara.

His research area is in the recent cultural and intellectual histories of Eastern and Central Europe. Since 2013 he has been Director of the Timișoara National Museum of Art.

Year of publication: 2021.

Human Diversity in Context#

Edited by Ferrini Cinzia, member of the Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies section.

The University of Trieste has published an open access volume with presentations from a joint research project of the Academia Europaea and the Department of Humanities of the University of Trieste "which aims to develop new, distinctive strategies to integrate the form and content of ‘knowledge’ and to awaken the sense of responsibility for social prejudices and ‘us/them’ dichotomies, by conveying a socially contextualised understanding of the complexity of the real world and its cultural and religious structures, facets, objects and of course, groups."

Distinguished members of Academia Europaea contributed to the publication.

Year of publication: 2020.

Flayer - Harrassowitz 2019 - Writen and Rewritten

Writing and Rewriting History in Ancient Israel and Near Eastern Cultures#

A new publication by Professor Isaac Kalimi, member of the Philosophy, theology and religious studies of Academia Europaea.

The articles in the book discuss recent developments in the analysis of history and historiography in ancient Israel and its surrounding cultures. The scholars compare the compositional and editorial approaches evident in biblical and post-biblical writings with those shown in other ancient literature, while concentrating on a specific theme.

Year of publication: 2020.

Metathesis in the Hebrew Bible
Wordplay as a Literary and Exegetical Device#

A publication by Professor Isaac Kalimi, member of the Philosophy, theology and religious studies of Academia Europaea. Professor Dr. Isaac Kalimi is the worldwide leading biblical scholar, historian and Judaist.

Why did the biblical writers choose the specific words they did? The book investigates this question by exploring the use of literary-stylistic metathesis in the Hebrew Bible.

Year of publication: 2018.

Fighting over the Bible
Jewish Interpretation, Sectarianism and Polemic from Temple to Talmud and Beyond#

A new publication by Professor Isaac Kalimi, member of the Philosophy, theology and religious studies section of Academia Europaea.

Fighting over the Bible explores the bitter conflicts between mainstream Jews and their internal and external opponents, especially between particular Jewish groups such as Pharisees, Sadducees, Qumranites, Samaritans, Rabbanites and Karaites, as well as with Christians and Muslims regarding their interpretations of Jewish Scripture.

Year of publication: 2017

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