Musicology and Art History#

Section of Musicology and Art History brings together experts from two disciplinary areas. Both are concerned with understanding artistic creations – music, art and architecture Embracing such diverse fields as music theory, acoustics, musical lexicography, historiography, aesthetics, the production of editions, sociography, ethnography and biography, musicology is simply defined as a discipline that is concerned with the scientific study of the phenomenon of music in all its aspects. It is the aim of musicology as an academic discipline with a both historical and systematic foundation to understand, explain, interpret, or otherwise deal with an immense variety of musical experience at different times and in different places, regions and traditions. The study of art history also ranges very widely, from ancient cave paintings to new media installations. It opens a world of art and architecture which demands intense observation of works of art, the reading of texts contemporary with the art's production, as well as the latest in scholarly interpretation, in order to understand the unique practices and materials that underpin any human creation, as well as to explore the significance of art for the cultures that make it. To this end, scholars find themselves immersed in questions of politics, social institutions, religion, technology, and material culture.


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