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Getting started#

  • Navigating: Note that whatever you look at, you can always get back to the home page by clicking at "Home" or at the tree symbolizing Academia Europaea in the left upper corner. Also note that you can go back one step using your browser's "go back" button, or a few steps by clicking at an entry in "Your trail". So you can never get completely lost.
  • Searching: If you are looking for something specific, use the search field in the upper right corner. You can use * as "wild card". Thus, "nob*" and "Fulltext" will pull out any entry that contains some word starting with "nob" in the text. You can search for members using this function or you click at the "Members" buttom. If you spell the name incorrectly, the system will try to offer you alternatives.
  • Logging in: Information about user name, password, login and how to obtain a new password.
  • Commenting: If you'd like to comment on a contribution (here or elsewhere on the server), just click at the button "Comment", type your comment in the now appearing empty space, and click at "Save". Your comment is now visible, and notification that a comment has been made is sent to the owner of the document you have commented. Note that comments are open to the general public.

Getting to know the site#

The site displays official information about Academia Europaea as well as serious, interesting and sometimes also entertaining information for the members and the general public about activities of the Academy, its sections and members.

A random sample of pages that show you some of the interesting documents on the server#

  • The work of Lechat fighting Leprosy in Africa with Graham Green visting is a real hightlight !
  • Interested in the computerized construction of 3D Objects ?
  • For many members you'll find a Publication list. Some also offer you a glimpse of covers of their books. Send us images of YOUR book covers, or short excerpts from your books, or general expositions of some of your work to
  • Maybe you want to show your genealogy and the list of Ph.D.'s you have supervised, and their Ph.D.'s like Joseph Vandewalle did?
  • When you select any section, e.g. Informatics, you find the "Section Expertise" button in the bottom right corner. Click at it, choose a topic, and click at GO TO. This takes you the the page of the member with this expertise.
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