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Academia Europaea Knowledge Hubs#

Barcelona Knowledge Hub

Academia Europaea | Barcelona Knowledge Hub#

The Barcelona Knowledge Hub (BKH) is the branch office of Academia Europaea (AE) in the Mediterranean and Southern European regions. The mission of the AE-BKH is to promote scientific dissemination, built on excellence in scholarship and aimed at Members of AE in its area of influence, the larger academic community, and the general public, with a special emphasis on cross-sectional perspectives across the natural sciences, exact sciences, social sciences and humanities. Its vision is to turn science into a shared common value among all citizens and to become a hub of thought and dialogue on global challenges facing humanity.

Since it began its operations in 2013, the AE-BKH has carried out its activities thanks to the support of the Barcelona City Council and of the Directorate-General for Research of the Government of Catalonia. The AE-BKH is currently hosted by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation.

The AE-BKH has an International Advisory Committee. Currently it is formed by the following persons: Enric Banda, Pedro García-Barreno, M. Dolores García Ramón, Ramon Gomis, Sergiu Hart, Yvon Le Maho, Genoveva Martí, Marc Mayer Olivé, Maria Paradiso, Regina Revilla, and Rosalia Vargas.
Office address:

Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació
Passeig Lluís Companys, 23, 5th floor
08010 Barcelona

Telephone:+34 93 689 6477, +34 620 777 280

Prof. Dr. Jaume Bertranpetit, Academic Director

Maite Sánchez Riera, Hub Manager

Bergen Knowledge Hub

Academia Europaea | Bergen Knowledge Hub#

The Bergen Knowledge Hub first opened its office on March 1, 2014 in the premises of Business Region Bergen. Since June 8, 2016 the University of Bergen has been hosting the Hub, which is Academia Europaea's branch in the Nordic, Baltic and Arctic regions.

The aim of the Bergen Knowledge Hub is to become a platform to develop science advice on marine, energy and environmental issues, with emphasis on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our Hub establishes activities in support of science advice, whereby independent academic insights are used to help develop policies both in Europe and in Norway.

In 2019 the Bergen Knowledge Hub appointed an Advisory Board, consisting of AE and YAE members from the Nordic and Baltic regions, and a local Steering Group, which will meet twice yearly.

Office address:

Academia Europaea Bergen Knowledge Hub
Jekteviksbakken 21, 2nd Floor
N-5006 Bergen

Telephone: +47 98 41 94 20

Prof. Eystein Jansen, MAE, Academic Director

Kristin Bakken, Senior Adviser/Hub Manager

Nils Olav Sæverås, Comunications Adviser


Academia Europaea | Budapest Knowledge Hub#

Academia Europaea Budapest Knowledge Hub was established on 9 December 2020.

Aiming to promote interdisciplinary scientific discourse with a regional and European focus through stimulating new links and networks of expertise in the wider Danube region, the Budapest Hub will start its operation on 1 January 2021. Based on a collaboration agreement between Academia Europaea and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences signed on 9 December 2020, the Budapest Hub will be hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), with its administration to be located at the Secretariat of MTA in Budapest.

The Budapest Hub will rely both on the community of AE members and the public association of the MTA, including members of MTA’s recently established young academy. It will be strongly committed to co-operate with the network of AE hubs across Europe, while aiming to establish collaboration with the Young Academy of Europe as well. It is going to promote in particular the involvement of young scientists and scientists from the Danube region in the design and delivery of its activities.

Office address:

AE Budapest Knowledge Hub
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Nádor u. 7.
H-1051 Budapest

Telephone: +36 1 411 6242

Professor László Lovász, Academic Director

Gergely Böhm, Hub manager
+36 1 411 6209

Katalin Fodor, Head of Department

Nóra Deák, Hub officer

Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub

Academia Europaea | Cardiff Knowledge Hub#

The aim of the Cardiff Knowledge Hub is to signpost excellence within the region throughout Europe and create a wider collaborative western regional focus for the Academia Europaea. The main activities are to arrange meetings and workshops and assist the Academy in providing scientific advice to European Institutions. The Hub is also the administrative centre for the Life Sciences Class.

Office address:

Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub
Cardiff University
Maindy Road
CF24 4HQ
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)2920688249

Prof. Ole H. Petersen, Academic Director

Louise Edwards, Hub Manager

Juliet Davies, Executive Officer

Alice Sadler, Communications Officer

Academia Europaea | Munich Knowledge Hub#

Postal & visiting address:

Academia Europaea Munich Knowledge Hub
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Theresienstr. 41/III
80333 München, GERMANY


Prof. Donald B. Dingwell, Academic Director|]
+49 89 2180 4250

Contact person:

Friederike Brandthaus
+49 89 2180 4294

Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub

Academia Europaea | Tbilisi Knowledge Hub#

The Tbilisi Knowledge Hub was established in 2019 as a joint initiative of Academia Europaea and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia. It acts as Academia Europaea's branch in the Eastern partnership countries. By assisting to coordinated interactions with European universities, research centers and scientific funds, the Tbilisi Hub promotes in the region the European standards of scholarship and develops pan-European scientific collaborations. It contributes to the popularization of science and technology by organizing conferences, seminars and summer schools. Moreover, the Tbilisi Hub aims to become a platform to develop multidisciplinary scientific activities and expertise related to the biocultural - biological, cultural, linguistic, ecological - diversity in the South Caucasus, at the border of Eastern Europe with Western Asia.

Office address:

6, M. Tamarashvili Str.
Georgia, Tbilisi, 0177
Tel.: +995 577 245 502


David Lordkipanidze, Academic Director

Zaal Kokaia, Chair of the Advisory Board

Natia Khuluzauri, Executive Director

Vakhtang Tsintsadze, Manager

Academia Europaea - Wrocław Knowledge Hub

Academia Europaea | Wrocław Knowledge Hub#

Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub was established on 16th of December 2011. The main aims of Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub are: support of Central and Eastern European scholars, mobilization and internationalization of the local scientific institutions, establishment and consolidation of relations between foreign and local researchers. The Wroclaw Knowledge Hub office focuses on knowledge activities, including international events; summer schools lecture series and high-level expert panels.

Postal and visiting address:

15 Na Grobli Street
Building L-1, room 345
50-421 Wrocław

Telephone: +48 722 238 629
Mobile: +48 722 238 629

Professor Arkadiusz Wójs, Academic Director

Anna Jarosz, Hub Manager
  • Coordination of hub activities
  • Supervision of administration processes (welcome packs)
  • Assisting in class meetings
  • Event organization

Veronica Lott, Hub Officer
  • External communication
  • Promotion of events
  • Event organization

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