ANDRÉ MISCHKE YAE PRIZE 2020 awarded to Grant Hill-Cawthorne#

By awarding the André Mischke YAE Prize, we recognise Dr Grant Hill-Cawthorne's internationally leading roles in academic research, management, and policymaking. Dr. Hill-Cawthorne will give the André Mischke YAE Prize lecture at the next YAE meeting (which will be held online in October 2020, details TBC), and will collect the award at the next joint annual AE/YAE meeting in Barcelona 2021.

The Young Academy of Europe (YAE) Prize is awarded annually to early-to-mid-career professionals in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to key areas of the YAE, which include supporting science, evidence-based policy making, science communication, and the future generation scientists and scholars in Europe. In 2019, the YAE Prize was renamed the “André Mischke Young Academy of Europe Prize for Science and Policy” in honour of the late YAE Founding Chair, André Mischke.


Grant Hill-Cawthorne
Dr. Hill-Cawthorne is a medical microbiologist and Principal Science adviser to the UK Parliament. He completed medicine and medical training at the University of Cambridge, UK. He then moved to Saudi Arabia, to set up a laboratory specialising in pathogen genomics at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, where he completed his PhD on the use of genomics for public health microbiology. In 2011–2012, Dr. Hill-Cawthorne was appointed to the highly competitive NHS Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow scheme, and was Clinical adviser to the Deputy Chief Executive of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), having responsibility for health and social care. From 2013–2018, Dr. Hill-Cawthorne was Senior Lecturer in Communicable Diseases Epidemiology at the School of Public Health of the University of Sydney, where he is currently adjunct Associate Professor in Global Health. For his successes in research, Dr. Hill- Cawthorne has received numerous fellowships and grants, amounting to over $9 million of research funding gained, and has produced influential policy-related publications in leading journals. Furthermore, since May 2018, Dr. Hill-Cawthorne is Head of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), the science advice unit within the UK Parliament that bridges research and policy. Devoted to engage younger scholars in science policy, he developed a Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme to embed academics in parliamentary departments for discrete research projects designed by Parliament. For 2020, Dr. Hill-Cawthorne is the President of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network (EPTA), the international organisation for legislative science advice units. Dr. Hill-Cawthorne has been involved in various scientific organisations and bodies active in the area of science and policy, both in the UK (POST, NICE) and abroad, as he is currently the President of the EPTA network. Finally, Dr. Hill-Cawthorne is intensively active on scientific dissemination. For example, he acted as the University of Sydney’s principal media communicator during the Ebola-virus and Zika-virus global health crises, writing a number of media articles himself, as well as being interviewed countless times on TV and radio, and contributing to the print media.

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