New Challenges in the Biomedical Sciences#

Venue: The Parc Hotel Cardiff, Wales, 25th and 26th March 2015

International Symposium on 'New Challenges in the Biomedical Sciences', including 4 Keynote and 16 Invited Lectures by World Leading experts in some of the most important areas of current biomedical research. Each of the 4 half-day sessions starts with a Keynote Lecture, followed by a number of Invited Lectures concluding with a Panel Discussion drawing out the most important new challenges and signposting the way forward. The meeting will be kept small (max 100 participants) enabling active participation in the discussions.


MRC Professor Ole Petersen, CBE FMedSci MAE FLSW ML FRS, is Medical Research Council Professor at Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences. E-mail:

Registration (no cost) at: #

Final programme#

WEDNESDAY 25 March, 0830 – 1800
  • 0830-0900 Registration and coffee

Session I Pathophysiology: Mitochondria, Calcium and Inflammation#

  • 0900 Opening remarks: Ole Petersen (Cardiff University)
  • 0910 Keynote Lecture: Tullio Pozzan (University of Padua): The privileged signalling crosstalk between the endoplasmic reticulum and the mitochondria
  • 0945 Discussion
  • 0955 Anant Parekh (University of Oxford): Distinct sub-cellular Ca2+ signals activate different transcription factor isoforms
  • 1020 Discussion
  • 1025 Julia/Oleg Gerasimenko (Cardiff University): Physiological and pathological Ca2+ signals in exocrine pancreatic cells: pathophysiology of pancreatitis
  • 1050 Discussion
  • 1055 Coffee
  • 1115 David Criddle (University of Liverpool): Mitochondrial dysfunction in acute pancreatitis: strategies for prevention
  • 1140 Discussion
  • 1145 Daniela Riccardi (Cardiff University): Development of a novel therapeutic for inflammatory lung disorders
  • 1210 Discussion
  • 1215 Panel Discussion
  • 1300 Lunch

Session II Translating Basic Immunology Research into Clinical Impact#

  • 1355 Introductory remarks: Paul Morgan (Cardiff University)
  • 1405 Keynote Lecture: Adrian Hill (University of Oxford): Ebola vaccines: a rapid response
  • 1440 Discussion
  • 1445 Paul Lehner (University of Cambridge): Proteomic and genetic approaches to viral evasion
  • 1510 Discussion
  • 1515 Tracy Hussell (University of Manchester): New concepts in the treatment of bacterial pneumonia: modulation of inflammatory tone
  • 1540 Discussion
  • 1545 Tea
  • 1600 Simon Jones (Cardiff University): Evaluating cytokine control of different forms of synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis
  • 1625 Discussion
  • 1630 Bernard Moser (Cardiff University) Correlates of skin-specific vaccination
  • 1655 Discussion
  • 1700 Andrew Sewell (Cardiff University): A systems view of T-cell immunity offers multiple opportunities for therapeutic intervention during infection, autoimmunity and cancer
  • 1725 Discussion
  • 1730 Panel Discussion
  • 1800 Conclusion

THURSDAY 26 March, 0900 - 1800

Session III Neurogenetics#

  • 0900 Opening remarks: Michael Owen (Cardiff University)
  • 0910 Keynote Lecture: John Hardy (University College London): Genomic analysis of Neurodegeneration
  • 0950 Discussion
  • 1000 Julie Williams (Cardiff University): Translating genetic findings in Alzheimer Disease
  • 1025 Discussion
  • 1030 Thomas Bourgeron (Institut Pasteur, Paris): From Genetic architecture to synaptic plasticity in autism
  • 1055 Discussion
  • 1100 Coffee
  • 1120 Jeremy Hall (Cardiff University): Translating genetic findings in psychiatry
  • 1145 Discussion
  • 1150 Panel Discussion
  • 1250 Lunch

Session IV Cerebral Cortex: Development, Function and Dysfunction#

  • 1350 Introductory remarks: Yves Barde (Cardiff University)
  • 1400 Keynote Lecture: Haruo Kasai (University of Tokyo): Dendritic spine dynamics underlying animal behaviours
  • 1435 Discussion
  • 1445 Carl Petersen (EPFL Lausanne): Neural circuits for goal-directed sensorimotor processing
  • 1510 Discussion
  • 1515 Isabel Martinez Garay (Cardiff University): Critical steps in cortical lamination
  • 1540 Discussion
  • 1545 Tea
  • 1600 Kevin Fox (Cardiff University): An early critical period for adult cortical plasticity
  • 1625 Discussion
  • 1630 Vincenzo Crunelli (Cardiff University): Thalamo-cortical mechanisms of sleep and epilepsy
  • 1655 Discussion
  • 1700 Panel Discussion
  • 1800 Conclusion

Download the final programme(info)
Download the symposium announcement(info)

Academia Europaea

Cardiff University

The Academy of Medical Sciences

The Learned Society of Wales

Lywodraeth Cymru

!Pathophysiology: Mitochondria, Calcium and Inflammation

Tullio Pozzan (University of Padua) (Keynote Lecture); Anant Parekh (University of Oxford); David Criddle (University of Liverpool); Julia/Oleg Gerasimenko (Cardiff University); Daniela Riccardi (Cardiff University); Ole Petersen (Cardiff University) (Chair)

Translating Basic Research into Clinical Impact#

Adrian Hill (University of Oxford) (Keynote Lecture); Paul Lehner (University of Cambridge); Tracy Hussell (University of Manchester); Simon Jones (Cardiff University); Bernard Moser (Cardiff University); Andrew Sewell (Cardiff University); Paul Morgan (Cardiff University) (Chair)


John Hardy (University College London) (Keynote Lecture); Thomas Bourgeron (Institut Pasteur, Paris); Jeremy Hall (Cardiff University); Julie Williams (Cardiff University); Michael Owen (Cardiff University) (Chair)

Cerebral Cortex: Development, Function and Dysfunction#

Haruo Kasai (University of Tokyo) (Keynote Lecture); Carl Petersen (EPFL, Lausanne); Isabel Martinez Garay (University of Oxford); Vincenzo Crunelli (Cardiff University); Kevin Fox (Cardiff University); Yves Barde (Cardiff University) (Chair)

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