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November 28th (Wednesday)#

Pre-congress meetings
At the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC, C/Carme 47) and the National Council for Research (CSIC) Residence (c/ Hospital 64)

Morning (at the IEC)

09.00 h. -18.00 h. Documents delivery

10.00 h-11.30 h Section/Class Workshops

11.30 h-12.00 h Coffee Break

12.00 h-13.00 h Section/Class Workshops (cont’d)

13.00 h-14.15 h Lunch Break

Section/Class Workshops#

— Scientific coordinator: Alexander Fidora (ICREA-UAB)

Class A1#

Post-imperial Europe: The Challenge of Compartmentalization

Chairperson: Vladimir Biti (Shanghai)

Biti, Vladimir (Shanghai): Post-imperial Europe and Transborder Communities
Daković, Nevena (Belgrade): Belgrade in-between the Wars: Imperial Shadows on the Screen
D’haen, Theo (Leuven): Post- and Future-Imperial Europe(s)
He, Chengzhou (Nanjing): Theater as “an Encounter”: Jerzy Grotowski’s Cosmopolitanism
Hutchinson, Ben (Kent): Empires of the Mind: The Emergence of ‘Comparative’ and ‘World’ Literature as Imperial Structures
Larsen, Svend Erik (Aarhus): From Imperial Cracks to Post-Imperial Stress Syndromes
Lützeler, Paul Michael (Saint Louis): Robert Menasse’s Novel “The Capital”: The National Factor in the EU
Onega, Susana (Saragossa): Meeting the Challenge of Compartmentalisation: David Mitchell’s Transmodern History of the World

Class A2#

Social Sciences in Their Global Contexts

— Chairperson: Björn Wittrock (Uppsala)
— Speakers:

Mas-Colell, Andreu (Barcelona): The Economic Sciences in Global Context
Knöbl, Wolfgang (Hamburg): Developments in Sociology and Historically Orientated Social Science
Randeria, Shalini (Vienna and Geneva): Role and Relevance of Institutes of Advanced Study in Social Science Knowledge Production Today
Schnell, Izhak (Tel Aviv): The Structure of Social Space in a Global Reality: the Case of Arabs in Israel

Class B (Section B3: P&E) (this Workshop will start at 09.00 h)#

Inaugural Lectures by New Members of Physics and Engineering Sciences

— Chairpersons: Muhsin Harakeh (Groningen) and Tamás Csörgő (Budapest)
— Speakers:

Sanjuán, Miguel A.F. (Madrid): Contributions to Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Complex Systems
Viña, Luis (Madrid): Bose-Einstein Condensates in Semiconductor Microcavities
Krasznahorkay, Attila J. (Debrecen): On a New Light-Particle Candidate for Dark Matter in High-Energy Nuclear Transitions
Wiescher, Michael (Notre Dame): The Nucleosynthesis of First Stars
Kalantar-Nayestanaki, Nasser (Groningen): FAIR and its Impact on Science and Technology
Maj, Adam (Krakow): Exotic Shapes and Collective Phenomena in Excited Atomic Nuclei
Ordejon, Pablo (Barcelona): Frontiers in Materials Modelling
Fantz, Ursel (Garching): Large and Powerful Sources for Negative Hydrogen Ions
Campbell, David J (ITER Organization): Self-organisation in Burning Plasmas
Wójs, Arkadiusz (Wroclaw): Quantum Electron Liquids and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
Jajszczyk, Andrzej (Krakow): ERC Funding in Physics and Engineering

Class C#

Presentations by Newly Elected Members of Class C
— Chairperson: Alexei Verkhratsky (Manchester)

Meeting of the AE Hubs#

Chairperson: Eystein Jansen (Bergen)
(At the Ramon Llull Room, 1st floor)

Meeting of the AE Board#

Chairperson: Sierd Cloetingh (Utrecht) (At the Puig i Cadafalch Room, 2nd floor)

09.00 h. - 16.00 h. Meetings of the YAE. At the CSIC Residence

Afternoon (at the IEC)

1st part

15.00 h-18.00 h (for members of the AE, and from 16.30 h on also members of the YAE)

  • General Assembly of the AE
  • Delivering of Diplomas to the new Members of the AE and the YAE

2nd part

19.00 - 21.00 (open to the general public)


Cooperation vs. Competition. Challenges and Opportunities

- Disputantes: Hervé Moulin (Glasgow) vs. Gabrielle Demange (Paris)
- Coordinator: Salvador Barberà (UAB)
- Open discussion with the attendants

November 29th (Thursday)#

BUILDING BRIDGES 2018 (at CosmoCaixa)#

For the participants in the Congress and previously registered people from Barcelona.

See the conference website for full information.

Download the programme(info) (23 October, 2018)#

November 30th (Friday) #

Post-conference field trip#

(A tradition at the AE Congresses; limited to 50 people)
All day; from 8.00 h until 19.00 h

  • Bus to Banyoles
  • Karstic area of Banyoles Lake
  • Reception at the Banyoles City Hall
  • Volcanic lava flows
  • Lunch (with tasting of oils and wines)
  • Visit to the Medieval quarter and Jewish quarter (call) of Besalú
  • Bus to Barcelona

The post-conference field trip is a tradition at the AE Congresses; limited to 50 people.

Barcelona Impressions#






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