The Multiversity – a supra-organisational and global scientific network co-constituting the knowledge society#

Günter Koch#

General Secretary of The New Club of Paris, c/o. execupery
Address: Mittelgasse 7, A-1060 Wien, Austria, tel. +43-699-19412152
E-mail: koch [at]

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1. The crisis of universities#

In Europe (by and large, exceptions recognised)
  • Unclear political decisons on autonomy of the universities
  • Despite tendency towards more autonomy, strong external and / or internal regulations, either by law, or by self imposed rules.
  • Questionable professionalism in university management
  • Decreasing public financial support (at least, not increasing)
  • Inherent conflicts not solved: access to university -> masses of students, i.e. accessing versus lack of financial support. Infrastructure quality decreasing.
  • For reasons of life support, most students cannot use their time for only following their studies, i.e are stressed in fulfilling their objectives.
  • Fast changing study programs as short sighted responses to „market needs“
  • Loss of integrative knowledge acquisition; little to no support for interdisplinary -> transdisciplinary research

In the US

  • Foreseeable financial problems both for universities and students
  • Increasing divergency between high class / top level universities with strong research competence and „provincial“ teaching universities: relatively few on the top, many in mediocracy


  • A combination of these problems ...

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October 6, 2010

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