Academia Europaea Position Paper on Translational Medicine: The Cycle Model for Translating Scientific Results into Community Benefits #

The paper has been published in the leading open access journal, Journal of Clinical Medicine, following a Consensus Workshop on ‘Frontiers in Translational Medicine’ at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest last year.

About the paper#

Translational Medicine (TM) is gaining prominence in medicine as a way to bring together basic researchers, clinicians, industry partners and policy decision makers to turn scientific knowledge into innovative therapies, medical procedures and diagnostics that benefit patients and healthcare systems, and become everyday best care practice. This multidisciplinary approach presents many challenges, and therefore Academia Europaea has launched a project to develop a model to facilitate and accelerate the utilisation of scientific knowledge for public and community benefit.

The paper describes the development of the new model, including a renewed definition of Translational Medicine and a TM cycle that encompasses four elements: healthcare, science, knowledge and communication, all of which must be applied to achieve healthcare improvement. The paper serves as a basis for rethinking Translational Medicine, with the end result of enabling more efficient and cost-effective healthcare.

About the Translational Medicine Project#

The overall aim of the Translational Medicine project is to shorten the time gap between the acquisition of knowledge and its use in the implementation of improved health care and healthy lifestyles.

The project, supported by the Academia Europaea’s Hubert Curien Fund, the University of Pecs’ Medical School, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and AE’s Cardiff Knowledge Hub, is led by Professor Peter Hegyi MAE from the Universities of Pecs and Szeged in Hungary, who chaired the conference, with additional input and advice from the Chair of AE’s Clinical and Veterinary Science Section, Professor Stephen Holgate CBE MAE and Professor Ole Petersen CBE FRS MAE, Vice-President of AE.

Download the article.

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Some of the key participants in the Translational Medicine Conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 23rd-24th September 2019. From left to right: Dr Shuang Peng (Associate Professor of Pathophysiology, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China), Professor Ole Petersen CBE MAE FRS (Vice-President of Academia Europaea), Dr Joao Monterio (Editor-in-Chief of Nature Medicine) and Professor Peter Hegyi MAE (Deputy Chair of AE's Clinical and Veterinary Science Section).
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