Izhak Schnell
Professor Izhak Schnell MAE

The Politics of Maps
Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine#

A new publication by Christine Leuenberger and Izhak Schnell
Oxford University Press#

The land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan Valley has been one of the most disputed territories in history. Since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, Palestinians and Israelis have each sought claim to the national identity of the land through various martial, social and scientific tactics, but no method has offered as much legitimacy and national controversy as that of the map.

The Politics of Maps delves beneath the battlefield to unearth the cartographic strife behind the Israel/Palestine conflict. Blending science and technology studies, sociology, and geography with a host of archival material, in-depth interviews and ethnographies, this book explores how the geographical sciences came to be entangled with the politics, territorial claim-making, and nation-state building of Israel/Palestine.

Christine Leuenberger, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University. Izhak Schnell, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Geography and Human Environment at Tel Aviv University and former President of the Israeli Association of Geographers.

Year of publication: 2020
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Online ISBN: 9780190076269
Print ISBN: 9780190076238


The Politics of Maps

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