Michael Wiescher

Radioactivity - Vol. I and II#

A new publication by Michael Wiescher, Director of the Institute for Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics at the University of Notre Dame and member of the Physics & Engineering Sciences section.

Radioactivity is a frequently debated topic; the discussions mostly revolve around the benefits and dangers of nuclear energy. However, the topic reaches further - both in terms of natural occurrences and the multiple applications of radioactivity.

The first Volume contains a summary account of its history of discovery of radioactivity and an account of its physical and biological laws. Furthermore, the first volume deals with radioactivity as a natural phenomenon. Beginning with the question of its origin in stars long before our solar system existed, the role of radioactivity in the formation of the planetary system and our Earth is presented. The internal radioactivity determines the dynamics of our planet and enables the existence of life on the surface. Furthermore, the role of external and internal radioactivity of man is described as well as the possible effects on human development.

In the second volume, the growing use and importance of radioactivity in the modern industrialized world is being presented. This concerns the growth of exposure to radioactive radiation in the human environment as well as through the various industrial applications. This includes not only topics such as nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, but also uses of radioactive materials in agriculture, industry, medicine, and even art history. Numerous examples illustrate this. The possibilities of final storage or disposal of long-lived radioactive substances and the associated technical problems are also discussed in this context.

Publisher: wbg Academic, Darmstadt
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-534-40453-7 und 978-3-534-40585-5
Year of publication: 2021

Radioaktivitaet I

Radioaktivitaet II
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