Science in London: A Guide to Memorials#

A new book by Magdolna Hargittai MAE and István Hargittai MAE, both members of the Chemical Sciences section of Academia Europaea, will be published in a few weeks with a foreword by Sir Paul Nurse MAE.

"The book introduces the reader to the statues, busts, and memorial plaques of scientists, explorers, medicine men and women, and inventors found in the bustling capital of the United Kingdom, London. The former capital of the British Empire, London remains a world center of trade, navigation, finance and many more. It is also a hub of science, the seat of the Royal Society, Royal Institution, Science Museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum, and of great institutions of higher education. The historical figures depicted in these memorials are responsible for creating great institutions, milestone discoveries, contributions to the scientific and technological revolutions, fighting against epidemics, advancing medicine, and contributing to the progress seen during the past four hundred years. This is a guidebook for the visitor and the Londoner alike. It presents memorials that everybody is familiar with and others that the authors discovered during their years of painstaking research. The 750 images and the text, interlarded with anecdotes, is both informative and entertaining."

London is the fourth volume in the series, following Budapest, New York, and Moscow. All four are available in English. The Russian translation of Moscow edition from the English original will be available within a few weeks.

ISBN-13: 9783030623326
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Year of publication: 2021

Science in London: A Guide to Memorials

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